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  Arcuz 2     Arm of Revenge     Arcuz  
  Type: ARPG/Action/Adventure     Type: Fighting/Action     Type: ARPG/Action/Adventure  
  Epic adventure in the dungeons! Fight together with your fellowships!     The best fighting game on the flash platform! Enjoy fabulous combos and challenge your friends!     A superb flash game! Similar to Diablo or Zelda. Enjoy slashing, searching better equipment and crafting your own weapon!  


  Destructo Shark     Devil Slash     Destructo Dog 2  
  Type: Casual     Type: Action     Type: Shooting  
  Bite up as much human as you can!     Slash the devils and save the world!     Story of a flying dog fighter  
  Ninja Pig     Destructo Dog     Crazy Rabbit  
  Type: Casual     Type: Shooting     Type: Platformer/Action  
  Try your best to become a great ninja thief!     Fight the gangsters and guard the sin city!     Use plenty of tools to beat your enemies and destroy the rabbit king's plot!  
  Elements & Magic     Elf Archer     Zombie Trapper  
  Type: Defense/Strategy     Type: Shooting/Platformer     Type: Shooting/Platformer  
  You are the human king, owner of several castles, but evil orcs seek to take them from you. Defend your castles alongside your army!     Rescue your elf princess and bring her home!     Kill the Zombies by not only shooting them, but also trapping them! Guns are not the most powerful but the tools!  
  Monkey Bomber     Alice & Nix's Adventure     Navy Glory  
  Type: Casual     Type: Platformer/Puzzle     Type: Shooting  
  Bad monkey wants to bomb out the annoying chickens!     Explore with Alice & Nix and find the mystery castle!     Defeat the enemies and win the epic sea battles!  
  Wrap Attack     Uphill Farmer     Wave Jumper  
  Type: Action/Platformer     Type: Sport/Casual/Arcade/Highscores     Type: Arcade/Angle  
  Santa is kidnapped by Dr. Zass! Help collecting the lost toys and rescuing Santa from Zass's hand!     Ride in the farm and be a super farmer rider! Watch out the lazy sheeps!     Set your height and your speed to make your wave jumper fly as far as he can!  
  Fly Guy              
  Type: Arcade     Jones Platformer     Cell Defense  
  Fly like a bird over the rooftops and see how far you can go. Click the left mouse button to take off!      A hard platformer! Jump, run, slide, climb walls, push boxes, collect coins, and more!     Tom always eat unhealty food. As his immune system you must kill the bacteria go into his body! Time to fire, Commander!  
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